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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Why is Indian youth happy

A new 14-country study by MTV Networks International's wellbeing index has found that nearly 60 per cent of Indians in the age group 16 to 34 are happy, well-adjusted and religious.

By contrast in rich technological Japan most youngsters are miserable with only eight per cent saying that they are happy.

The survey may have found that Indian youngsters are elated with their lives, but at the same time there are many young people who are on the brink of mental suffering.

Experts say that the rise in the number of adolescent suicides in the big cities reflects the fact that young people nowadays are becoming depressed because of the pressure to succeed.

MTV survey says Indian youth happiest in the world. Is social and family support the reason? That was the big question of debate on CNN-IBN show India 360 with Sagarika Ghose.

On the expert panel were RJ-Radio Mirchi, Anmol, actor Sajid Khan and Psychiatrist, Dr Anjali Chabria.

Sagarika Ghose: Do you believe in this survey that 60 per cent of Indian youth are very happy?

Anmol: When I first heard it even I was shocked but I would love to believe that. Why they are happy is that today’s youth has got a great freedom of choice when it comes to career. They may look frivolous but at the back of their mind they have their career opportunities and they have every thing very clear. Their parents are now being free when it comes to the career. Its not like 10 years back when parents were only thinking of doctors, engineers or advocates. Today there is freedom of choice. They can express themselves. I think that is one of the major reasons.


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